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We've got some exciting news...we're bringing back an old favorite!!! IT'S BONUS ROUND TIME!!!!

Earn your favorite finalists coveted bonus votes with every purchase from the merch line... How does it work?

1.  Purchase any item or items from the merch line

2.  Once you receive your item(s) take a photo of you with it and post it to the prayze factor or prayzefest instagram and tell us the name of the finalist that you are supporting

3.  Your favorite finalists will get x10 times the amount of your total purchase in BONUS VOTES!

It's a great way to get family, friends, and community involved in voting since the FINAL voting round is closed to TIMA members and industry executives... this gives the public a vote!

Prayze Factor Merch Madness season 15 (1400x1400).jpg
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