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Artists and Creatives that take part in each season of The Prayze Factor Awards also have an opportunity to collaborate on an independent compilation project in the #IAM GOSPEL series.  The projects are globally distributed by Tri Satt Sounds Music Group via EDGM, Sony Music and The Orchard.

T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Mugs and more...

Each season of the Prayze Factor Awards has a Tshirt signifying the "My Winning Season" campaign. 

Starting with season 16 each time a Tshirt or Prayze Factor merchandise is purchased in honor of your favorite finalist, that finalist will receive 10 times the amount of your purchase in votes from you towards their quest to win in their category.  It's your way to take part in the final voting process and another way to put your financial commitment behind pushing your favorite finalists to the top!

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Ads In The Official Souvenir Books...

Place and Ad or Purchase the Official Souvenir Ad Book For the Current Season of The Prayze Factor Awards

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Get your copies of The Prayze Factor Magazine... This Bi-Monthly Print Media brings exposure to some of the most talented and gifted artists and creatives that were finalists and winners on the Prayze Factor Awards.  The magazine also features some of our partners and associates from time to time that are doing great things in their communities, cities and abroad.

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